Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cover Revealed for AS THE WORLD ENDS

Today I'm unveiling my cover for AS THE WORLD END. It's a short story that will be released in December 2012. It's where romance meets doomsday. Does Love Survive?

Look for the latest announcements as the release date gets closer.


  1. Replies
    1. I think so too, Gail. It has the Wow factor. It's a new genre for me.

  2. Beautiful. t really draws me in!

  3. Tam, I'm so glad to hear that. So funny, yesterday I gave the girl the postcard for my mystery she had just mounted for a signing. When I saw her reaction I showed her this new cover and she almost fell over and said, "Now that looks like something I'd read." Music to my ears.

  4. Nice cover, Marian! Very attractive!

  5. Wow, Marian...I saw this up on FB...I love the images...compelling. Congratulations:)