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Beautiful Blogger Award

Today author Casey Wyatt bestowed on me the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you, Casey. She publishes two posts every Friday. If you have a chance check out her blogs at and Secrets of 7 Scribes blog, you’ll be glad you did.

The award has rules though and I'm sharing them below.

Rule #1 I must share 7 things.
Rule #2 I must pass this award onto 7 other bloggers. More on this later.

I'm taking the lead here from author Casey Wyatt whose book Mystic Ink is a must read. I couldn't put it down.

I'm going to mix things up a little with facts about me and some about my characters in my upcoming release If I Fail, A Jake Carrington Mystery (September 2012).

1.) I'm seventh out of ten children, so I always try harder at everything I do.

2.) At six-one with brownish red hair and a finely chisled face some would call Jake ruggishly handsome. A player he falls hard when he meets Mia Andrews. Will the relationship last? Or will he be played.

3.) I love reading. I read anything I can get my hands on in any genre. My favorite genres are mysteries and thrillers but I like them served up with some romance.

4.) Louie Romanelli is not only Jake's partner, he's been his best friend since childhood. Louie thinks nothing about stepping over the line to put Jake, his boss, in his place.

5.) I'm a very lucky woman who is married to a wonderful man who is smart, kind, caring and let's not forget romantic. He is the love of my life. One smile from him brightens my whole day.

6.) Sophia Romanelli, Louie's wife, is the one who introduced Jake to Mia.

7.) The characters in my books are like real people to me. I love writng about them. I've have now completed book two, Burn in Hell, A Jake Carrington Mystery(January 2013). I'm working on book three, Mated for Life, A Jake Carrington Mystery and hope to have that completed sometime in July.

Now for the Seven more Beautiful Bloggers:

1.) PJ Sharon who shares her knowledge and is very generous with her time, especially with new writers.

2.) Vicki Batman  whose blog is always fun and informative.

3.) Cynthia Woolf romance from cowboys to space captains, pick your flavor.

4.) Rhonda Lane's has romance and beautiful horses.

5.) Kristina Knight A western flair and great information.

6.)Gerri Brousseau A great blog with wonderful romance authors with a lot to share.

7.) Gail Ingis a beautiful blog filled with wonderful facts about art. Gail is not only a writer she is an artist.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A short inspirational story today!

The First Half of My Life


Life is like a picture. I see mine through snap shots laid out in bits and pieces.
Snap Shot One: How is it at twenty-five I see myself back in time in my white dress and veil? No, not Halloween, but my communion! A bride of Christ.We feel all holy and clean and gladly accept the host in our bodies to be purified.
Snap Shot Two: The May procession. I was chosen to lead it as it was my birthday. The Blessed Virgin’s day.
Snap Shot Three: In my white gown with the red collar and red beanie (skull)hat.   My confirmation! Hands held in prayer once again. We are now soldiers in Christ, I’m told.
            The theme here is the Catholic upbringing, attending Catholic schools leading a Catholic life. It is a clean (white) life in Christ, in Christianity. No more white for years to come.
Adolescence comes around; then young adulthood exploring the world in a time that conflicts with everything that you were taught.
It is a sin to feel your body awaken.
It is a sin to want to explore that awakens.
It is a sin to drink, to smoke, to curse.
But the teachings are ingrained when I hit young adulthood in the turbulent late sixties and early seventies. Everyone was preaching free love and drugs.
I was considered straight lace and naïve. A mother hen to my sisters; always letting them know if they were doing something wrong.
I had a straight vision. Right or Wrong. Black or White. No grey for me. There was nothing in between for me. My friends made fun of me because at twenty I was still a virgin. Dates ended quickly when they found out or some thought they could change my mind. They couldn’t, it was my deep seeded belief.
Then…my older sister died. She was just thirty-two. She became a statistic in a state that had a lot of statistics.
Shot with one bullet through the head.
She walked in on her home being robbed. Lives changed forever that day. My parents, my sisters, my brothers and last mine. How do you deal?  Death is for the old, right? It is not for the young. There must be some mistake. People said life goes on. How could they say that?  It was not their sister or their child. Unless you’ve been there you couldn’t possibly know the pain or the loss you feel deep inside your heart.
I continued for a short while to live my good catholic life. Asking God how could You? Thinking He failed us. His promise was if we lived in His light we would share in its brightness and have a good life here and then in the afterlife.
A young person is dead!  I see no light.
I started to become part of the times I lived in. I drank for the first time. I smoked for the first time and yes I experienced sex for the first time. I said sex not love. As I would later learn sex with out love is like peanut butter without the jelly, it just isn’t right.
For a year I was practically unconscious each and every night. I had changed. My parents couldn’t help us deal; because they were not dealing. You are not taught how to handle your child’s death. Bear your children and let them grow and live, to bear their own children. Wasn’t that God’s promise? We all pulled away.
   In this time of self-destruction, my friends rallied and watched over me. Nothing they said pulled me back, but they made sure I got home safe every night.
  After a year, my father sat me down. I was just turning twenty-one. He asked me if I intended to make it to twenty-two. Naturally, my answer was yes.
 He said “Good because I couldn’t attend the funeral of another one of my daughters and live through it.”
It was a powerful statement that hit me dead center in my heart.
 My father and I finally talked about my sister’s death, about the abuse and harm I was doing to my body. He asked where I wanted to be in a year, in five years and even through the rest of my, he hoped, long life.
That night I realized I was not only hurting myself, hoping the pain made me feel alive. I was hurting my parents. That was unacceptable. They had enough hurt to last a lifetime.
Snap Shot Four: I’m twenty-five and I am wearing a white gown and veil again. I married the love of my life and now we are going on thirty-three years together.
  I still think of my sister everyday and pray for her soul and keep her alive within my heart. I also pray for both of my parents who are now deceased. I thank them for the foundation and love they gave me early in life so that I could survive whatever I encountered.
That foundation has lasted with me some thirty-eight years, after that horrible life changing event. I made peace with God and realized it was not his fault, life just happens. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. I’m now in the second half of my life and I’m enjoying all the trials and tribulations that come my way knowing that I have the strength within me to deal with them.
Posted in memory of my sister, Florence.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Join author Penny Estelle today as she strolls down memory lane

City Gal’s Trip Down Reality Lane (Part 1)

Ten years before we retired (which was three years ago) my husband, Jim, and I bought 54 acres of land in rural NW Arizona.  As Jim’s job as a jet ski mechanic was seasonal, he spent those ten years of winter, building our retirement home.  I was somewhat concerned as he had never built a home and though he was a wizard with mechanics and electricity, this could be a very costly experiment.

He assured me that he had read everything he needed to know and it would be.…fun.  Well the “fun” started right from the get-go with the layout of the house.  Where was my walk-in closet and walk-in shower?  The bathroom is too small, the bedroom is too small, do we really need a kitchen, and so on and so on.  I’m not proud to say I had to use the phrase – “If you want me to live here…..”  Not one of my finest hours, but sometimes we women do what we need to do!

During the years of building, I worked for a school district, therefore; I could only come up on weekends.  Jim lived in a very small travel trailer.  The stove worked, the oven did not.  There was no heat and on cold days/nights you could see your breath IN the trailer.  I was a city girl, through and through!  He does own a mink blanket from Korea that was a Godsend.  It was deliciously warm.  I can’t tell you how many times I thanked the good Lord above I only had to be there one or two nights.  Okay, let me get back on track!

Unless it came out of a can Jim cooked all his meals on a campfire.  We would sit out there in front of a fire, in the cold, while Jim talked about how much he loved our place, and I listened to what sounded like 500 coyotes, ready to attack at any minute.  Have I mentioned the part about “city girl”?

The bathroom conditions were a whole different can of worms and it is a subject I have tried very hard to wipe from my memory.  Let me just say, we had already had out septic system put in and since the bathroom in this trailer didn’t work most of the time, Jim whipped up a system that included one of the clean outs in the septic line, a metal chair with a hole cut out of it and big funnel with three pieces of plywood surrounding the area, which blew over half the time.  I’m starting to scratch just thinking about it! 

That’s enough for now about my trip down Reality Lane.  I will be visiting with Kevin Hopson on his blog,, on June 29 and I will have more to say about “livin’ the dream”.  I hope you will join me.

Before I go I would like to tell you about my newest story Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare – The Wickware Sagas. 

Billy Cooper’s seventh grade class has been given a last minute, weekend assignment.  They must all draw a piece of paper out of a box and do an oral book report on the person or event that was drawn.  Billy draws the name, William Tell, whoever that is.

            He has a full weekend planned, but figures he will do a quick computer search and will be able to skate through on the assignment, still having plenty of time for his busy weekend.

            His outlook changes when he finds himself in the fourteenth century, standing in front of William Tell’s house.  Billy’s twentieth century style and lingo has William Tell thinking the lad a little unbalanced, but asks him if he would like to go along with him and his son to the town of Altdorf.  It is here; Billy learns just who William Tell is and why he is a legend.


His eyes gazed toward the clock on the wall for the hundredth time.  The dumb thing must be broken.  Time was literally standing still while Billy Cooper was stuck in the most boring of his seventh grade classes.  Thirty more minutes and school would be out.  The weekend was calling his name.

            Like a gnat buzzing around his head, Miss Wickware’s voice faded in and out.  The words, oral book report, received a collective moan from the class.

            Billy dropped his head in his hands.  Is she kidding?  He didn’t have time for another book report.  His baseball team was two games out of the championship and practice was every day after school.

            “I have placed some historical names or events in a box.  Each of you will come up and pick your assignment to report on,” Miss Wickware explained.  The muttering of the students had her holding up her hand.  “Now quit carrying on.  This will be fun.  I just want a short oral report on what you discover.”

             “Oh yea, good times.”

“I’m shivering with excitement.”

            “Okay, class, you are all very amusing, but let me take this time to point out that some of the grades in this class are not going to thrill your parents.  The grade you receive from this report could be the shot in the arm that is needed.”  That quieted the class.  “Now who will be first?”

            Larry Brown was the chosen one.  Larry was a big kid.  A big, big kid.  He didn’t move fast and he talked as slow as he walked.  Everyone liked Larry.

            “Larry,” Miss Wickware said, “could we pick it up a little.  Everyone needs a turn.”

            Blushing, Larry ambled on up.  He poked his hand in the box, retrieving a slip of paper.  He pursed his lips and cast a confused look at Miss Wickware.  “Babe, the blue ox?”  She smiled and nodded to which Larry said, “Cool,” and slowly went back to his seat.

            Next was Gracie Morrison.  She was anything but graceful and nobody messed with her.  Everyone knew she had tried to make the boy’s wrestling team, but the coach would have none of it.  She marched up, her chin length black hair bouncing from side to side. Pulling a paper, she looked at it.  “Johnny Appleseed.  He’s a dude right, not a thing?’     

Miss Wickware smiled. “That’s right, Gracie.”

And so it went.  Student after student drew their subjects.  “Who’s Pecos Bill?’  “What’s Atlantis?”

By the time it was Billy Cooper’s turn his nerves were as tight as guitar strings.  He knew he needed to do well on this report.  His grade had slipped….a lot.

 “Okay, William, it’s your turn.” 

The class laughed, mimicking their teacher, “Yes, William!” they all joined in, having a good time at his expense.  He hated being called William!

Billy reached in and chose his slip of paper.  “William Tell.  Who is William Tell?”

Miss Wickware put her hand on Billy’s arm.  At her touch, his whole body started shaking, as though electricity was shooting through him, right down to his toes.  Billy’s gaze met his teacher’s and sparks flew from her eyes straight into his.  He didn’t know how long he was frozen there.

“How nice that you picked someone with the same name as yours,” said Miss Wickware, lifting her hand, breaking the connection.

He stumbled backwards, tripping over Gracie’s desk.  “Watch it….William.”  Another round of laughter followed him back to his seat.

This is a short eBook for your 9 – 13 year old son or daughter.  For 99 cents you can give your child something to read this summer that has adventure, time travel, history and humor!  

PLUS, for those that comment, I will draw one name and send them a free copy of my story!  I have written 2 other MG/tween stories, plus a nonfiction story about my life, living with only wind and solar! 

All can be seen on my website  Stop by anytime. I love visitors!

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With the arrogance of a novice writer...

Photo by Apieling Pictures

When I was laid-off from my mortgage job, I decided that everyday after I sent out my resumes and made my cold calls; I would do what I always dreamed I wanted to do.

That was write.

Well, with pen in hand (so to speak) I penned my first book. AND...with the confidence of the novice, I sent it out. I'm talking first draft, folks.

Not understanding why I recieved all these form rejections letters, I continued to send out my story and write a new one. Somebody out there had to love it as much as I did. Right?

It wasn't until one kind editor took the time to write a personal rejection letter, did I understand what was wrong with the story. He loved the story, but I had head hopped too much. He recommended websites that offered both paid and free seminars on POV, editing and much more. He also recommended I join writers associations to network with other writers.It was the best writing advise I received.

I don't know about you, but I could have been a professional student. I love to learn. So, I took his advice and scoured the internet until I found conferences and organizations for writers.

His kindness lead me to aquire the knowledge necessary to be published. My first book, If I Fail, A Jake Carrington Mystery will be released in September 2012 by MuseItUp Publishing. And the second book in the series Burn in Hell, A Jake Carrington Mystery will soon follow in January 2013. This is a very exciting time for me.

What classes, seminars, organziations or conferences have you attended? How have they futured your writing career?

Thanks for sharing with me and I hope all your dreams come true also.

A special thanks to photographer Brenda Piel of Apieling Pictures for supplying all the lovely photos for my website and blog. Including my author picture for my books.

The picture above puts me in a writing mood! How about you? CLICK on the picture to enlarge it and see all the details. Awesome!

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Look at page 120 in your current wip then...

Post it here and get feedback on your work.

Today I'm posting the last paragraph on page 120 of my current wip. This site is open to all ages, please keep that in mind when posting your passage. Thanks, Marian

Mated for Life, A Jake Carrington Mystery, book three.

     He opened his mouth to apologize. Taking a step toward the bed, he stopped short, changed his mind. What was her problem anyway? She was close enough to the phone to have heard the conversation. He didn’t need two hundred questions first thing in the morning. This was why he previously avoided relationships. They were mind fields waiting to explode.

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You're invited to join me every Friday at the Nights of Passion blog

Photo by Apieling Pictures

Hi, Folks. I'm honor to announced that I've been invited to blog at the Night's of Passion blog every Friday, starting on June 22nd. Please come over and visit me there each Friday.  On the 22nd and every fourth Friday, I'll be borrowing an idea from author/blogger Kristina Knight and asking everyone to post their first paragraph from their WIP or finished book.

The address for the blog is:

I will still be posting here twice a week and will continue to look forward to your visits.

Thank you,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last week I interviewed author Anne E. Johnson and wanted to showcase her book again. Today Anne has posted an excerpt from her book Ebenezer's Locker which was released on June 1, 2012.

Last period on Fridays we had gym class. I didn’t mind it much for most of the year. But when the weather turned hot in May, I couldn’t stand all the running around. All I wanted was to cool down. It would have been different if we could have gone swimming after school. Sadly, there weren’t any public pools in Marklebury. We had to go all the way to Lancington just for a swim. So we got hot and stayed hot.
As usual, we changed into T-shirts and shorts in the girls’ bathroom. The high school had gym locker rooms, but we didn’t. Once we changed, we all tromped out onto the school’s back lot to jog in a big circle in the 90-degree outdoor oven. I was actually relieved when our gym teacher, Mr. Turner, sent me back inside to fetch the kick balls from the supply closet.
Breathing in the wonderful air conditioning, I opened the door of the little room and clicked on the light. Right away, I spotted the net bag with the kick balls. But as I reached for it, the door slammed shut behind me. And suddenly it was cold, so cold all my blood turned to jelly. Just as suddenly, I burned. Every bit of me sizzled. And then a strong wind started blowing from one side of the closet to the other, knocking me against a wall.
The light bulb swung sideways and lit up a row of boxes on a shelf. In huge red capital letters, words had been scrawled across the cardboard:
The wind swirled into a hurricane. Baseball gloves, gym uniforms, and lacrosse sticks blew upward from the floor and downward from the shelves. Balls of all sizes, golf clubs, and bowling pins circled and crashed into each other. I covered my face partly with my arms, but I couldn’t stop staring at this magical storm. Over and over I screamed, batting bats and gloves out of my face.
A case of gallon jugs of cleaning fluid teetered on the brink of a shelf next to a box of bowling balls. Suddenly CRACK! The shelf came loose. Cleaning fluid bottles slid toward me. Bowling balls came hurtling down at me. I rolled up like an armadillo and hoped for a quick death.
And then total silence.
I wasn’t dead. I wasn’t even hurt. Just to be safe, I stayed balled up for a couple of minutes in case the tornado started up again or something else broke loose. But there was no motion besides my shaking body and no sound besides my gasping for air. Peeking out of my invisible armor, I looked for a pool of spilled cleaning fluid and chunks of cracked bowling balls on the floor around me. Nothing but soccer balls and baseballs. I glanced above me at the broken shelf. It was propped up with a golf club, and the heavy boxes had been pushed back to a safe position. Somebody had saved me from the angry ghost!
But who would save me from the angry gym teacher? The door of the supply room flew open, and Mr. Turner braced himself with both hands on the door frame. His mouth fell open so wide I could have fit a softball in it. There were several to choose from near my left knee.
From my position on the floor, Mr. Turner looked like King Kong. It didn’t help when he roared at me. “What is going on? I gave you a simple task. The kick balls are right in front of you. Why did you have to go messing the whole place up?”
King Kong must have noticed I was about to cry so he turned back into Turner. “Okay, okay,” he said in a softer voice. “You grab the kick balls and take them out onto the field. I’ll call Mr. Besserman to work on this disaster.”
I got up without meeting Mr. Turner’s gaze. My knees shaking, I dragged the heavy mesh bag of balls over all the loose debris and past him.
“I hate ghosts,” I kept saying as I struggled with my load.

Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog, Marian.

It was my pleasure, Anne. Good luck with your book.

About the Author:
Drawing on an eclectic background that includes degrees in classical languages and musicology, Anne E. Johnson has published works on a wide variety of topics.
She's written non-fiction books for kids with the Rosen Group and feature articles for adults in serials such as The New York Times and Stagebill Magazine. Her short stories, in several genres and for both children and adults, can be found in Underneath the Juniper Tree, Spaceports & Spidersilk , Hogglepot, and elsewhere, and she has upcoming works in and several magazines and anthologies.
Anne lives in Brooklyn with her husband, playwright Ken Munch. 

 Your readers can learn more about me on my Website, and can get updates on Facebook

Ebenezer’s Locker is available directly from

By mid-June it will be released on Amazon, Barnes& Noble, and other sites. I’ll announce this on my website and Facebook page.

Back Cover:
A hundred years ago, Corbin Elementary School's building housed Dr. Ebenezer Corbin's School for Psychical Research. It seems that a couple of old spirits are still wandering the halls. It's up to Rhonda Zymler to find out what they want.
Ebenezer's Locker follows the adventures of Rhonda, a sassy sixth-grader who's having trouble finding her place and identity. Getting to know these spirits becomes Rhonda's quest. The more she digs, the more perilous her task becomes, and to complete it she must take two trips back in time. This story blends the realities of an economically challenged modern American town with supernatural elements. What Rhonda finds not only gives her life a sense of purpose but changes the fortunes of her entire town.

Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Monday! Are You Writing?

Photo: Apieling Pictures.

     Today I decided to write on the writing process. Do you write full-time or part-time? If you're a full-time writer, do you write on the weekends also? If part-time, do you only write on weekends?

     I ask these questions to see how disciplined we are as writers. And to share tips for improving the quality and quantity of  our out puts. Are you producing over a thousand words per day? If so, do you care to share your secrets with others? I invite you today to share you writing tips here.

     The writing day for me starts with a two to five mile walk, which helps my mind set up the scenes for the day. Everyday in my journal I write my word goal for the day or the research that is needed. My word goal everyday is two thousand five hundred. I don't beat myself up if I don't achieve that, sometimes life gets in the way. What I do the next day is pick up the slack and continue to strive for my word count goal.

     Next on my list, I review the previous days work, making edits or revisions before I continue with the story. This puts me back into the story and helps me minimizes the amount of revising needed when the story is complete.

     The last secret I have if the words or story don't flow is I work on another story; either outlining it or writing down ideas for it. After you write for awhile you'll find you can go back into your current wip without missing a beat. As long as you're writing, the story should start to flow.

     Now I'm ready to write. Let the adventures continues.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Looking to be reviewed or want to read a review before you buy?

Check out Kate Felix's  Read2Review website:

Where reading matters!

Below is one of Kate's latest reviews:

Abandon by Meg Cabot

Review by Kate

I have enjoyed many of Meg’s previous works and when I received Abandon it lived on my shelf for entirely too long!

The book is about Pierce, a NDE (near death experience) and John a Death Diety. A love story at its heart with some brilliant scenes set in the school and with flashbacks to Pierce’s past. I became quite attached to both Pierce and John for different reasons. Pierce because she wants to be a normal girl, although she knows that this will never happen and has to learn to deal with that. John because he really was the tormented soul that just wants to love Pierce and protect her.

I loved the book and read it in one sitting because I couldn’t stop reading it. The only downside for the book was I felt the ending was a little rushed. I didn’t know when reading it that it is a series. This excites me beyond belief. I will definitely be in line to get a copy when it is released.
I feel that the pacing apart from the end was well set, the places were entirely believable and I really felt like I was part of what was going on. This is a MUST for any PNR fan. I also think that all readers of Meg’s previous work will enjoy this book. For me let the countdown to book two begin!

On a sidenote – I have looked at the different covers for Abandon and I have to say that my favourite has to be my ARC silver copy. It may be simple in style but i love it!
Abandon get a 4.5/5 – it would have been a 5 if I hadn’t felt the ending was rushed.

To get your copy of Abandon (Abandon Trilogy #1) please check out the following Amazon links:

UK: Abandon

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome author Anne Johnson

      Today;s guest is author Anne E. Johnson whose book Ebenezer’s Locker was released on June 1, 2012.  Anne, I have some questions not only pertaining to your character Rhonda, but your writing process.

Marian: Rhonda Zymler is a very inquisitive sixth grader. How did she become interested in spirits?
Anne: Rhonda doesn’t have a choice. She starts getting messages on her desk, books, and other places around the school. They’re from somebody who signs his name “Ebenezer” and seems to be invisible. This spirit won’t leave her alone. And then another spirit, even more aggressive, starts trying to communicate with her, so she has to investigate, if only to get them off her back. 

Marian: As an adult how did you create such a believable and interesting sixth grader?
Anne: I was once a sixth grader! Frankly, my middle-grade years are full of happy memories for me. Not that I was really popular or anything, but I was truly coming into my own as a person. I think that’s why I enjoy writing for and about ages 9-12. I was a smart and curious sixth-grader, and there’s some of me in Rhonda. But she’s more of a trouble-maker than I ever was. 

Marian: Are you able to tell us how she can go back in time?
Anne: There’s only so much I can explain without spoilers, but I will say that she is sent back in time using a technique invented by one of the spirits, back when he was alive. The special technique was supposed to send someone forward in time, but an elderly psychic in Rhonda’s neighborhood figures out a way to use it for backward time travel, too. 

Marian: If so, how did she change her town? I know spoiler here—just a little hint would be good? :)
Anne: Marklebury, Rhonda’s town, is suffering hard economic times. Many people have lost their jobs or moved away. Her school is in danger of being shut down. Rhonda’s adventures with the spirits have a big effect on this situation. 

Marian: How did you come up with the idea for Ebenezer’s Locker?
Anne: I attended a number of different schools growing up because my family moved a few times. My favorite schools were always those that clearly had a long history. That gave me the idea to make Rhonda’s school building very old, and the former residence of a training school for psychics.
But I’m actually getting ahead of myself in this answer. My original idea was simply to write about a girl who finds something amazing in a locker. I had no idea what it would be. The story grew out of that concept. 

Marian: What other projects (novel & short stories) are you working on now?
Anne: Well, first, there are other novels coming out this summer! On June 19, my noir-inspired science fiction novel Green Light Delivery (for adults) will be released from Candlemark & Gleam. In August my tween medieval mystery novel, Trouble at the Scriptorium launches from Royal Fireworks Press. I’ve just finished the sequel to Trouble at the Scriptorium, and am making good progress on the sequel to Green Light Delivery. I have a whole stack of other plots, outlines, and partial manuscripts in various genres.

I also have started a series of short-story trios for tweens, called Aliens & Weird Stuff. I published volume 1 in March, and volume 2 is coming in July. I try to write at least one short story per month, either for adults or for kids. 

Marian: Will we see Rhonda again in another story?
Anne: I think so. I have some plotting done on a sequel. But I’m very busy with some other works right now. Rhonda will have to wait for a bit, but I’ll get to her as soon as possible. 

Marian: If any, what lesson has Rhonda learned in her travels?
Anne: I’d say she gains some self-confidence, is reminded why her best friends are her best friends, and certainly appreciates her town and its residents more than she did. 

Marian: Last but not least. What is your daily writing process to get into your characters?
Anne: I always have more than one work in progress at a time. That way, if I’m really stuck on one, I can probably manage to focus on another. Once my head is into my writing, I don’t find it difficult to focus on the characters. They’re living in my head, so I just have to let them out! 

A hundred years ago, Corbin Elementary School's building housed Dr. Ebenezer Corbin's School for Psychical Research. It seems that a couple of old spirits are still wandering the halls. It's up to Rhonda Zymler to find out what they want.
Ebenezer's Locker follows the adventures of Rhonda, a sassy sixth-grader who's having trouble finding her place and identity. Getting to know these spirits becomes Rhonda's quest. The more she digs, the more perilous her task becomes, and to complete it she must take two trips back in time. This story blends the realities of an economically-challenged modern American town with supernatural elements. What Rhonda finds not only gives her life a sense of purpose, but changes the fortunes of her entire town.

Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog, Marian. Your readers can learn more about me on my Website, and can get updates on Facebook

By mid-June it will be released on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sites. I’ll announce this on my website and Facebook page.