Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Author Katie Carroll talks about Elixir Bound

Today I welcome YA fantasy author Katie Carroll. I can’t wait to read the book I loved the excerpt and the concept.  You grabbed me from the first line.

    1.)    Is this your debut novel?
Elixir Bound is my debut novel. It has been a very long journey from when I first started writing the story to its publication, but I’ve learned so, so, so much along the way. I’m very happy to have landed at the Muse with it. 

    2.)    What kind of Elixir is it?
The Elixir is a healing potion. Its potency comes from the nectar of tiny flowers that grow on vines in one particular spot on The Sleeping Giant mountain range. The Elixir is not an immortality potion, but it very powerful. From the mouth of Katora’s father, “The Elixir is quite remarkable, but it won’t keep those alive who are meant to die. I’m afraid death comes even to those who may not deserve it, and I’ve not way of stopping it.” 

3.)    Why does it have to be protected?
Like any powerful tool, the Elixir must be protected from falling into the clutches of evil beings. The guardian of the Elixir is bound to it, but anyone else who gains control of it is not bound by the same rules as the guardian. They can choose to manipulate it to serve evil purposes. 

4.)    Does it give special powers to the guardian?
Alas, the Elixir does not grant the guardian any special powers. At times, it does put the guardian in situations that exposes he or she to extraordinary occurrences—like having the greater beings communicate with the guardian through the weather—that most ordinary people would not have the pleasure of experiencing.
5.)    Is the guardian chosen by the people or is it like royalty, where the guardian is born into it?
Katora is born into the role of guardian. It is a role that is presented to her, in part because of her pedigree and in part because of who she is as a person. However, she does not have to become guardian if she chooses not to. 

6.)    Once she’s bound to the Elixir, is Katora bound to it for life?
If Katora chooses to be the new guardian, she will not be bound for life. Guardianship is more of a generational thing. Pop, Katora’s father, is the guardian at the beginning of the story.
7.)    Is there a sequel planned?
Yes! There is a new Elixir story in the works. I’m tentatively calling it Elixir Saved, and it’s told from a different character’s point of view.
8.)    My last question, why did you chose to write YA and fantasy?
I’m going to say YA and fantasy chose me to write it. When I first started Elixir Bound all those years ago, I wanted to give my sister Kylene—who passed away at the age of 16—a fantasy adventure. I had no idea that I was writing a YA story. It wasn’t until I wrote many words that I knew the story was for teens.

Excerpt from Elixir Bound
Katora remained perfectly still; her father’s words deflated the balloon of anger building inside her and filled the hole with cold shock.

Pop stood and began to pace while he explained. “Deep in Faway grows the plant that gives the Elixir its potency. The Kase family and our ancestors have harvested this plant and acted as guardians of the Elixir for hundreds of years. We developed methods for increasing its potency and have passed these secrets down for generations. I am the current guardian.”

Pop the guardian of the greatest healing Elixir ever available to humans? Could it be true? As he stood in front of Katora, his eyes betrayed no hint of a lie. How did she fail to notice this all her life? And what did it mean for her.

Thank you, Katie. I liked getting to know Katora before I read the book this weekend.

Author’s  Bio:
Katie Carroll began writing after her 16-year-old sister unexpectedly passed away. Writing was a way for Katie to help her sister live on in the pages of a story. It also made her realize that she wanted to pursue writing as a career. In addition to penning novels for teens and kids, she edits puzzle magazines, plays soccer, and collects signed copies of books. Katie lives in Connecticut with her husband and son.

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  1. Great interview, Marian. All the right questions to introduce the story behind Elixir Bound. Congratulations, Katie on a wonderful debut novel.

    1. Thanks, Rosalie! Yes, Marian was spot on with the questions.

  2. Thanks for having me and Elixir Bound on the blog! These were such great questions...so fun to answer!

  3. Hi Katie. Nice to meet a new author. Your book sounds good and I will read it. Congratulations and best wishes for much success.

    1. Gerri, Katie will be stopping back later on in the day. Thanks for visiting.

    2. Hi Gerri! Nice to meet you too. Thanks for the well wishes. I wish you success with your novels.